Tour around the Reykjanes Peninsula

On our last day in Iceland, we took a very memorable trip round the Reykjanes Peninsula. Firstly, it was the first day we saw the sun for more than a half-hour stretch (triggering an even greater europhia than when it happens back home!) and secondly, the tour encompassed the perfect blend of coastline, quaint villages … Continue reading Tour around the Reykjanes Peninsula


The quirky and magical world of Iceland

Bewilderingly, it's been a whole six months since my last post. Since then, winter has morphed into summer (yeah, spot the difference!), the UK has turned its back on Europe and unleashed a storm of political infighting and general WTF-do-we-do-now anxiety and, on a lighter note, I've discovered and fallen in love with the world … Continue reading The quirky and magical world of Iceland