Winter hiking escape to the Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)

After a few turbulent months at the end of the year, I longed to escape the monotony of the long bleak British winter and seek out a few days of winter sun somewhere decidedly warmer. And so out of my reluctant hibernation I emerged to take off for a hiking trip up in the Serra … Continue reading Winter hiking escape to the Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)


Trastevere and L’Orto Botanico (Roma)

During recent visits to Rome, it struck me just how noisy, chaotic and stressful a place the Italian capital seems to be - a palpable contrast to the laidback, hospitable and seductive face of Italy with which I have become so smitten. Whilst the city proudly possesses more of the world's most eminent monuments that … Continue reading Trastevere and L’Orto Botanico (Roma)

The High(lands) Life

There's only one way to travel up to the Highlands from the English capital in true old-school traveller style - that is, of course, on the legendary Caledonian sleeper train. One of only two sleeper services existing in the UK (the other being the Night Riviera from London to Penzance), the train departs London Euston … Continue reading The High(lands) Life


How if I can be a solo female traveller, YOU can too

My first trip as a solo traveller was over a decade ago at the age of 22. I'd started to pursue a lifelong dream of learning Spanish (I was, believe it or not, too shy to even attend a night class at that stage, so began teaching myself from home) and had decided to take … Continue reading How if I can be a solo female traveller, YOU can too


Hidden Spain – The spectacular beauty of Asturias

This July I made a last-minute trip to one of Spain's lesser known provinces, Asturias. With limited expectations and an even more limited budget, I booked my friend and I into a rustic no-frills 12 Euros a night mountain shelter (not many bargains like this to be had in Western Europe these days!) and boarded … Continue reading Hidden Spain – The spectacular beauty of Asturias


Livin’ la dolce vita in Montepulciano


Deciding to take a trip to Italy is easy; deciding where to visit in a country so rich and diverse, is where the challenge arises.  Feeling nostalgic for the rolling hillsides and soft golden hues of the classic Tuscan landscape,  I  plumped for the hill-top town of Montepulciano as the location for my week-long study … Continue reading Livin’ la dolce vita in Montepulciano


Spring adventures in the Cotswolds

No matter how long and bitter the winter, spring will always follow After a long and seemingly never-ending winter this year, spring was welcomed with even greater fervour than usual. Over the last few years this time of year has overtaken autumn (which appealed to my younger, more melancholic self) to become my favourite of … Continue reading Spring adventures in the Cotswolds