Slovenia – A natural beauty

Life is racing by and I haven’t posted for many months now, but I’ve been longing to share a little snapshot of my trip to Slovenia back in July (remember summer? yeah, blink and you missed it!). Oddly, I got rather a few bewildered looks from friends and colleagues alike when I told everyone I was going on a trip to this tiny country, wedged between the Mediterranean greats of Italy of Croatia in the South/West and bordering Austria and Hungry in the North/East. It turns out, however, that they were well and truly missing out as this understated part of Europe is a lovely little world of crystal turquoise lakes, dramatic mountain scenery and charming rural landscapes, equally as enchanting as its more famous neighbours. It’s a great place for a solo traveller as it feels really safe and the wilderness is very accessible. Slovenia is also an amazing destination for outdoor activities – hiking, horse riding, sailing, rafting, canoeing, flatboarding – you name it, you can do it!  I spent four days in the region and visited Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Vintgar Gorge via Ljubljana but could have spent days more exploring the Julian Alps, engaging in outdoor pursuits and camping out in the wild.Here are some snaps from my trip.

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana – refreshingly compact, stylish and easy going

P100002920150710_195222 crop cnLake Bled

P1000370 cn panaromaP1000133 panorama cn20150711_122705 cnBoys diving into the lake from Bled island

20150711_142447 cropP1000157 crop cn20150712_140930 cn20150712_190109 crop cn20150714_104858 cnBohinj – a short and scenic bus ride from Bled lies the much less-visited Lake Bohinj. This place feels much wilder and is equally as beautiful as Bled.

20150713_110251_1 cn20150713_111752 cnP1000406 cnP1000435 cn crop    An elderly couple having a bathe20150713_112031 cn P1000416 crop cnP1000459 crop ncOne of many typical Slovenian-style churches dotted around the countryside20150713_140519 vc   Vintgar Gorge – a stunning spot a few miles from Bled

P100029920150712_114147 cn20150712_114511


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