Whirlwind trip to the Rhone Alpes and Geneva

I spent the late May bank holiday on a brief foray to the Rhone Alpes (France) via Geneva – a beautiful, tranquil part of the world. Here is a snap shot of my trip below.


20150523_162748 cnLac d’Annecy 20150523_153147 crop cn Annecy, with my lovely (and very accommodating!) French host.

IMG_8452Streets of Annecy

IMG_8442 cn

20150523_151705 crop cn20150523_135731 crop cn20150523_151721 cn20150523_191238 cnSat by Lake Geneva, Yvoire

Yvoire20150524_142021 cnIMG_8514

A village in the Rhone Alpes
20150525_114958 crop cn

Typical village house – refreshingly in this area every house looks different to the next whilst complementing one another and the natural environment.

20150525_115454 crop cn

Chalet-style house – this style of house predominates in this area, just a few miles drive from the French-Swiss border


Servez-vous – don’t mind if I do! 20150525_120550At my host’s parents house with their dogs. This gorgeous little chihuahua is a real survivor as he was accidentally run over by my friend’s mother, then subsequently died, and came back to life again – a little soldier!20150525_123128 crop cn

Breakfast  à la française – start the day as I mean to go on 😉20150523_095112cn 20150523_094624 crop cn



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